OWP In-Service

The Oklahoma Writing Project has over 175 different in-service titles: Connecting Reading & Writing, Writing Across the Curriculum, Six Traits of Writing, Writing with English Language Learners, How to Prepare for State Writing Tests, and many more. OWP can work with administrators and leadership teams to develop in-service specifically for a school’s faculty and students. 

OWP in-service can be created in the format that works best for your school and teachers.  Some options are district professional days, after-school meetings, or with small groups of teachers during the school day.  OWP can come into a teacher's classroom and conduct lessons with students while teachers participate and observe teaching methods.  After this demonstration, OWP teacher consultants deconstruct the lesson with classroom teachers to impact future instruction. 

Oklahoma Writing Project charges $350.00 an hour plus mileage outside the OKC Metro area.  If the school is more than 2 hours away, hotel accommodations may be included for morning presentation times. Contact Audra Plummer: owpcodirector@yahoo.com for more information. 

OWP Teacher Consultants


These sessions are perfect for grades PK-5th. Each is led by an experienced elementary classroom teacher. 

OWP Teacher Consultants

Middle School

These sessions are geared towards students in grades 6th-8th and are led by experienced middle level teachers. 

OWP Teacher Consultants

High School

Our high school sessions are tailored to grades 9th-12th. Each session is led by an experienced high school teacher.

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