High School In-Service Opportunities

These sessions are perfect for grades 9th-12th. Each is led by an experienced classroom teacher. 

Authentic Writing in Every Classroom

Presenter: Sandi Hebert, 5th grade, Northwoods Fine Arts Academy, Sand Springs Public Schools

Developing writing by creating academic ownership in the classroom. Presentation focuses on building autonomy and authenticity for students in the writing classroom, as well as incorporating writing across the curriculum. 

Grammar Upside Down

Presenter: Terry Phelps, retired university professor

Students often think of grammar as a bunch of rules and definitions for being correct. While using standard English is important, perhaps more important is writing clearly and concisely. Other uses include emphasis and style. This interactive workshop shows interesting methods of teaching grammar for several practical applications.

Flash Fiction

Presenter: Terry Phelps, retired university professor

Online literary magazines are looking for short fiction. In a flash, this workshop will give some tips and prompts, and then students will write 300-1000 word flash fiction. 

What a Character!

Presenter: Terry Phelps, retired university professor

Explores developing the many nuances of characters in various genres: strengths, weaknesses, quirks, habits, tastes, morals, etc.

The Magic Sentence

Presenter: Terry Phelps, retired university professor

This presentation explores the cumulative sentence, a great tool for description and flow, frequent in the works of notable authors, demonstrated in this sentence.

Writing Across the Curriculum - Assignments for All Classes

Presenter: Terry Phelps, retired university professor

Numerous studies have shown that one of the best ways to learn any subject is to write about it, providing opportunities to apply ideas and make connections. This interactive workshop explores high-interest writing assignments in all subject areas, including cross-disciplinary assignments, in which teachers of two or more subjects can collaborate.

Writing Songs

Presenter: Terry Phelps, retired university professor

Explores writing original songs - considering elements, structure, themes, and processes, and then students write their own lyrics, using a provided melody.

Mrs. Lee’s Legit Literacy: Learning to Love Writing

Presenter: Shelly Lee, Library Media Specialist, Moore Public Schools

Do your students groan when you ask them to write? If you have learners who think they hate reading and writing, this presentation is for you! You will participate in several entertaining activities that can be implemented in your classroom. Activities focus on inspiring descriptive writing, using mentor texts in innovative ways, interactive writing, and revision using games.